The Reasons To Enroll In Global Sevilla International School Jakarta

Why Global Sevilla? If you prefer Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia, the city has a range of schools from local to international. But if you are looking for a school with positive motivation, global standards, and thorough education, consider Global Sevilla. Check out the following details to highlight the best reason for picking Global Sevilla international school Jakarta.

Why Choose Global Sevilla?

  1. Character Building Focus

Character building is pretty hard to find in modern education. Many schools strive to get the best achievement, but not personal development. This is why Global Sevilla is worth considering. It has character building focus, which allows the student to explore their interest, understand their strength and weakness, and improve their best potential.

  1. Offer Balanced And Thorough Education

Global Sevilla not only strives for good academic achievement, but they also want to provide a comprehensive and balanced education. The ideas go from the varying approach, curricula, and learning. The school teaches students as young as kindergarten ages to believe in happy feelings lead to great achievement, which is why the school is pretty thorough in its learning.

  1. Has a Mindfulness-Based Approach

To support the ideals behind the school’s principle of balanced, thorough, and character-building education, Global Sevilla also has its mindfulness approach. Among many international school Jakarta, this approach is unique and new. The school will provide a silent moment, where the students can reflect, reduce their anxiety, and improve their focus.

The School Values

As part of the school mission, there are a school’s values. Global Sevilla highlights the positive day-to-day values as part of their education. At every level of academics, the students have their share to learn Giving, Compassion, and Self-control. All goes to teach the learner the important message and values in society and the community.

The School Pledge

Considering the vast scope of education levels in the school, Global Sevilla pledges to provide the best education and focus on the student’s safety. The company has promised to provide the safest place possible for international schools Jakarta. Global Sevilla also gives freedom to their student’s rights, paths in live, and education to bring the best nurturing environment.

If you see the entirety of the school’s pledge, education, and learning or teaching model, Global Sevilla deserves its stellar position as an international education institution. It has a thorough education, character building, values, mindfulness, and a positive pledge. All provide the best reason why you should pick Global Sevilla and not the other school.