Natural Facial Care For Teens, Safer For The Skin

Marsha BeautyAdolescence when puberty occurs, including a vulnerable period with a number of skin problems. Because teenagers are experiencing a surge in hormones. So that without proper facial care, it is easier to have problems with oily skin, blackheads, and acne. This risk is certainly greater, especially considering that teenagers tend to be active outdoors. Therefore, natural facial care for teenagers is a good thing to get used to.

The Importance of Facial Care for Teens

The surge in hormones that occurs at puberty causes enlarged pores and oil glands. So that sebum production can increase which makes skin conditions more at risk of experiencing various skin problems.

However, that does not mean that preventive measures cannot be taken. You teenagers can start facial skin care as needed. Of course, considering the condition of a teenager’s skin is still fresh, treatment using a product with a heavy formula is not recommended.

Natural Facial Treatments For Teens, Guaranteed Safer

Marsha Beauty is here to provide natural facial treatments that are safe for teenagers. Here are some natural facial care efforts for teenagers that you can try, including the following:

Routinely Clean Your Face and Keep Hands Clean

natural facial treatments for teens

The first natural treatment is to get used to regularly cleaning the face. Clean your face up to 2 times a day using a mild foaming or gel cleanser. Teenagers can clean their face when they feel their skin is too oily or dirty.

Also balance by maintaining hand hygiene. Because it’s useless if the facial skin is clean but dirty hands always touch the face freely. It could be that your hands become an intermediary for germs and bacteria that cause acne to stick to the facial skin.

Controlling Facial Sebum Production

natural facial treatments for teens

The amount of sebum on the face makes the face look shiny. To control facial sebum production naturally you can use facial oil paper.

If you want to try cleaning products that’s fine. But for those of you who are not used to using products with chemical content, you should not use them in high intensity at the beginning. Choose a cleanser with salicylic acid content that is still safe for teens.

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Maintain Skin Moisture

natural facial treatments for teens

Skin moisture is important as it is necessary to prevent skin problems such as dry skin or oily skin. Here you can maintain skin moisture with coconut oil which contains fatty acids and natural anti-inflammatory.

The use of coconut oil is relatively suitable for all skin types, except oily skin. Therefore, teenagers must recognize their respective skin types so that natural treatments give maximum results.

Applying a Natural Moisturizer

natural facial treatments for teens

Another natural treatment that you can try is applying a natural moisturizer. Olive oil has a rich content of benefits such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and natural antioxidants.

The use of olive oil moisturizer helps nourish the skin. So that the skin becomes more ready to fight and prevent the appearance of acne.

Applying Sunscreen

natural facial treatments for teens

Teenagers are usually quite active in outdoor activities. Therefore the risk of exposure to UV rays is greater. This is where it is important to use sunscreen.

Apply sunscreen with a light formula and already equipped with SPF content. The use of sunscreen helps keep the skin from getting darker while preventing the appearance of acne. As an alternative, you can choose a liquid foundation that contains sunscreen to minimize the use of too much cosmetics.

It’s quite interesting to try natural facial treatments for teenagers. Get used to natural facial treatments, Marshalova. Don’t wait for skin problems to appear. Of course treating is easier than treating.